Ideas to decorate the living room at Christmas

Is a month to Christmas Day and for the arrival of dates in which we open our house for our loved ones? Dinners, lunches, parties and meetings of all kinds deserve decorations for every occasion. The lounge is the meeting place par excellence, a stay that wears their best clothes every Christmas. You cannot miss a tree and ornaments of all kinds, the possibilities are immense, classic, modern or different creative styles, but always effective. Today we will tell you several ideas for decorating your living room at Christmas, so that when your guests arrive feel they are in a special place full of magic and good taste.

Christmas Decoration
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Traditional elements par excellence

There are decorative elements, in one way or another, are always present in the decoration of the room. The tree, a wreath, candles, flowers … But it is important that you adapt it to the style of your home as if it dominate Nordic touches, for example, will be important Scandinavian Christmas items have that air, unlike classic. Achieving this is possible.

Ideas decorated with Scandinavian style

Look, for example, these two images of rooms decorated show you below. You see the predominantly white shades in the room and so is the decor. Until the tree is white! They are not recharged and you can give a touch of color with a ball or a pillow with allegorical prints. To me I loved this idea.

Christmas Decoration
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Decorate your furniture

Another idea to dress up your living room at Christmas is to decorate your furniture by placing candles, a poinsettia or a vase with branches, for example. In one frequently not open you can hang a natural wreath or a pennant yourself with a Christmas print. What do you think?

The Christmas table

One element of the decor of the room to which you should pay particular attention is the table around which family and friends are going to enjoy great moments in good company. You can create a centerpiece with a composition with Christmas balls colored with pine cones, candles of different sizes, a flower … You can also add a nice napkins with allusive drawings or tableware special, or if you do not feel recharged much pon simply strategically placed candles for your guests with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Christmas Decoration
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The colors: Traditional or different decor

Let’s talk now about the colors. A style of, say, always, is that dressing salon with ornaments in red and green colors, with a white touch. But if you want to give a modern air to the Christmas decorations I encourage you to enter colors, a priori, do not remember these dates, but they convey a lot of joy, elegance and creativity. Mauve, for example, can help you create a wonderful for your living room; decor is a very sophisticated color that will fill your living room. Animate! Oh, and if you opt for red and green, can give a different touch with renewed decorative elements. Look at the tree left photo how beautiful it is…

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