Advantages of buying melamine furniture

melamine furniture

Innovation and technological advances are increasingly present in the world of decoration. The use of new techniques is transforming some materials and achieving an infinite number of finishes that deceive even experts in the field.

This is what happens with an increasingly frequent material: melamine. Surely you’ve heard this name more than once. Today we explain to you, not only what it consists of, but also the advantages of buying melamine furniture.

melamine furniture
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What is melamine?

First of all, we will answer what this material is, which by the way is the perfect substitute for noble wood. Melamine is an agglomerated board covered by melamine resins. Hence, his name.

This composition makes the melamine so hard and resistant. That’s why it’s the perfect option compared to solid wood. And now that we know what exactly this material is, we will explain the advantages it offers.

It is hard and resistant

As we mentioned before, melamine is a hard and resistant material. Therefore, it is perfect for furniture that has to withstand daily use and also for those who are located in areas of high activity.

melamine furniture
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Withstands humidity and high temperatures

In fact, furniture made of this material is suitable even for rooms such as the bathroom, where humidity can be a problem. Contrary to what happens with noble wood, melamine resists even moisture.

You can even expose this material to high temperatures, something that happens also in the kitchen, when we neglect and leave on our furniture a casserole fresh from the fire. In addition, melamine is able to resist also the intense rays of the sun, parasites and mold.

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It is available in many styles

To make matters worse, melamine is available in different finishes and colors that adapt to all kinds of tastes and decorative styles.

Therefore, we can choose a melamine furniture for any corner of the house, since this type of design stands out for its versatility and timeless design. In other words, they are usually basic pieces that always come in handy.

For example, we can choose a finish that imitates wood. Thus, we do not renounce the warmth that this surface transmits nor its elegance. However, melamine is much stronger than solid wood, so we will not have to worry about special treatments or extra care. And this leads to another of the great advantages of choosing this type of furniture: cleaning and maintenance.

melamine furniture
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It is easy to clean

Due to its characteristics, melamine is very easy to clean and maintain. By not being a porous material, the water does not penetrate and, therefore, does not affect our furniture. In addition, it is resistant to the stains and aggressive cleaning products that we find in the current market and that would damage other surfaces.

Therefore, for a cleaning as efficient as possible it is recommended to buy special products such as liquid silicone. In any trade we find this type of products: easy to get, apply (just follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and cheap.

Cheaper than other materials

Finally, we must highlight the price of these furniture: one of the cheapest in the market. However, we must bear in mind that the price of our melamine furniture will depend on many aspects, such as the design, size and manufacturer in question. In spite of everything, this material is much more affordable if we compare it with others.

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