The best sofas to decorate a room

sofas to decorate

They are the undisputed star of the room, everything revolves around him. Surely you know what essential piece in the living room is talking, but the owner of our article has given you a clue. Indeed, we refer to the couch.

It is the center of this space, the key piece that serves as a reference to position and distribute other items. Therefore, in RealOrigin we believe deserves an article dedicated. So here you have it: we present the best sofas to decorate the hall. Take a sit!

sofas to decorate
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A leather sofa

We begin with one of the great classics: the traditional and very elegant leather sofa. Not suitable for families with children or pets. Made leather top quality, this sofa wears sophistication and character any living room that boasts.

In RealOrigin we recommend combining leather sofa with industrial style with contemporary decor. Is our advice? Choose a pattern in tan or black. Moreover, as one piece with a lot of presence, avoid use in decorations somewhat recharged.

A sofa Mid Century

Since the success of the series Mad Men, Mid Century aesthetics becomes more present than ever. Set in New York in 1960, the series follows the adventures of Don Draper, an executive who works in an advertising agency. Sound familiar?

Furniture sobriety, austerity simplicity of design and decoration are the stars of the Mid Century decor. And one of his fetishes pieces is the sofa legs light that raises subtly soil providing visual lightness to the space. Undoubtedly, everything an icon decoration a timeless beauty that blends perfectly well in any environment.

sofas to decorate
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A sofa chester

If we talk about large icons decoration, we must not lose sight of another old acquaintance: the sofa chester. Beauty and British sobriety resisting fashions and trends and whose versatility fits perfectly into any decor. We can look this couch in a modern lounge, an eclectic space in an industrial environment…

The sofa chester trumps all in dark colors like black and brown, but also in a bright white color. Curved arms and a low back, her quilted upholstery is unmistakable hallmark. He was born in the nineteenth century which decorated the Londoners prestigious social clubs and today is a symbol of style and luxury. In other words, a good investment.

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Sofa fabric and wood

Solid wood frame or metal and upholstered in fabric. This is one of the most traditional sofas in a living room. Another great choice for those seeking a discreet and versatile sofa that will not hog all the attention of our living room.

We have different options to reach an ergonomic sofa for those seeking comfort or a sofa bed for those who prefer to opt for functionality.

sofas to decorate
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Chaise Longue

This kind of sofa has become very fashionable in recent years and is perfect in rectangular rooms or narrow spaces, as it helps us to visually close this gap. A sofa that allows us to support the legs thus gaining comfort, but can also serve as an extra seat. A model often used especially in modern decorations, due to the simplicity of its design.


And for rooms with space problems, nothing better than modular sofas. Divided by parts, we can fit each according to our space, the shape of the room and the needs we have. We can even add other elements like bean bags. In other words, tetris decoration. Do you dare to play?

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