Decorate a winter garden

Winter Garden

Who said that outdoor spaces are for the spring-summer? If you think so, it’s because you do not know our ideas to decorate a garden and enjoy it, even in winter.

From plants to furniture and accessories, in this article we help you decorate a lovely winter garden. For even during the coldest time of year we can enjoy our outdoor spaces. Want to learn how? Take note!

Winter Garden
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If instead of a garden, we have a porch or terrace, a great idea can be glazed choose this part of the house to enjoy the outdoor spaces both summer and winter. Perhaps a system of sliding or folding doors can be a great option for getting the most out of these environments, opting for a house with airy and open spaces, creating a beautiful indoor garden.

Solid wood furniture

In a garden outside properly decorated and furnished cannot miss the solid wood furniture, especially tropical wood that resists moisture better. Of course, any special treatment should be applied to protect the wood furniture themselves inclement winter weather. These products can be purchased at any specialized trade and are great allies to protect our furniture and accessories outside of the harsh winter.

Winter Garden
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The best plants for winter

In our winter garden you cannot miss the natural plants and flowers. The perfect conclusion to an inspiring garden. Now, what are the most desirable plants are to survive the cold winter?

Dracaena is a highly recommended for growing outdoor plant even in winter. The dark color of its leaves give an elegant touch to the garden, despite the low temperatures.

The color and joy come by plants like the primrose obconic which is very common during the winter months. Its flowering begins in mid-winter and lasts until early spring.

Violas or thoughts are also very common flowers in winter gardens as well resist frost. Like snapdragons: a plant that can reach two meters high and resists cold.


In recent years, urban gardens have become very popular. If you want to grow your own vegetables in the winter, do not let the low temperatures are a problem for you and believes in a greenhouse.

In specialty stores you’ll find greenhouses easy to assemble, ideal for small spaces such as for a garden. These greenhouses provide thermal insulation and high strength so that we can grow our plants even in winter.

Outdoor Stoves

Another accessory that cannot miss in a winter garden are special heating systems for outdoor use. From braziers to gas stoves garden. Do not let the cold spoil a pleasant evening in your garden.

Winter Garden
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Winter Lights

Lighting is also very important during the winter season. The days are getting shorter, so the light plays a fundamental role in our outdoor environments. In addition to special outdoor lights as beacons, we can also use furniture and light fixtures that help us to decorate and illuminate at the same time our outdoor environments.

Lanterns and candles are also great allies to illuminate with a touch of the most welcoming, a romantic conservatory. The finale is in charge of textiles such as tablecloths, cushions and carpets that shelter us and wear the outside with a very cozy feel.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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