Trees can also damage your drains

Most of us are aware of the damage that trees can cause to the foundations of our homes and buildings and it is for this reason that there are recommended distances that trees should be from your homes and why you can by guards that help to prevent the roots from travelling towards the foundations of your property. However, have you ever thought about how tree roots could also damage your drainage pipes? Probably not.

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Essentially any trees that have extremely strong roots could have an impact on your drains and when cracks and splits appear in the drains this can lead to drainage problems in your home which may require the help of a Drainage Cleaning company such as Wilkinson ENV. Companies like this will be able to identify where an issue has occurred and will be able to undertake an remedial work that is necessary.

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Some trees will cause more damage than others to your drains which is why it is important to fully research the trees that you plan to plant and make sure that you know how tall and wide they are likely to grow. You can then create a planting plan that will allow you to give an adequate distance between the tree and your building. Growth is just one area that you need to be clear on. The other is how water hungry the type of tree is as this could also determine whether the roots are likely to seek our areas of water such as that flowing through your drainage pipes.

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