Why a Garden Room is a Great Alternative to Moving House or Building an Extension

Garden Room is a Great Alternative to Moving House or Building an Extension

For people who are struggling for space in their home, there are a number of options. Firstly, of course there is the option to move house. However, this is not always practical, and is a lot of expense and upheaval not to mention the fact that the housing market in the UK is in a strange place at the moment, with many experts saying it is better to sit tight if you can.

There is also the option of building an extension. When you do this, you need to have the planning permission to do it, and you also have to bear in mind that there can be disruption to your life whilst the builders are in residence!

This is why many people are opting for adding a garden room – having a standalone room in the garden is a great way to gain the extra space that you need, and you don’t have to have the stress and expense of moving, or having an extension built on your home.

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There are lots of companies like this Cotswold garden rooms company https://baytreehomes.co.uk/services/cotswold-garden-rooms-and-offices/ that can provide you with the garden room that you want, and they are such a versatile space they can have many uses. Here are just some of the popular ways that people use a garden room…

As an office

– Since lockdown, working culture has changed and more people are working from home full or part time. Having the space at home to concentrate that is dedicated to work is important, and a garden room is ideal. It gives you the separation between work and home life.

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For Storage

– Many of us struggle with storage, and having a space to keep everything neat and tidy is essential. A garden room can keep things safe and secure yet easily accessible, so you don’t have to ruthlessly get rid of things or hire a self-storage unit.

Home Gym

– If you like to work out but would prefer to skip the queues and the fees at a public gym, then a garden room is ideal for you. You can have your own equipment that you can use whenever you want without having to travel to the gym.

Kids Playroom

– If you want a space where kids can play, a garden room is perfect. With safe access onto the garden, a garden room gives them the space to let their imagination run wild and store toys and games.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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