Ideas for decorating the living room with indoor plants

The plants are joy. They take a bit of nature to that place where you put them. Today I want you to see some ideas to decorate with them your living room. It is a stay of the house where we spend a lot of time and that is why it is important to take care of every detail. And above all, create an atmosphere as welcoming as possible to make us feel at ease. With the plants, you will get it. Find out what ways to use them and check which one you like best.

Plants to cover hollows

The first idea I teach you is to use plants or flowers to cover some space in the room that is more empty to the eye. It can be a corner, or a corner where you put an armchair but you need to fill with something more …

decorating the living room
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Plants on the ground

Plants can be put in many places. On the floor, for example. It will depend on the size of the room to place a more or less large. To have the importance it deserves if you place it on the ground should be rather large. It can be tall, for example, and with large green leaf, and look great in some corner or corner, as we said before.

To differentiate environments

The plants are wonderful if you use them to visually differentiate different spaces in your living room. Maybe yours is quite spacious and you can place a table and chairs as a dining room but you want to separate it from the place of the sofa and the television more intended for relaxation. Or maybe you have a reading area that you would also like to be separated from the rest in some way. With plants is an ideal solution.

decorating the living room
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Compositions of various plants and flowers

If you want to decorate with smaller plants you can make some composition and place several pots more or less close, on the coffee table and some auxiliary furniture, for example. They can be complementary to each other so that they combine in terms of shapes and colors.

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Hanging plants

Another way to decorate the living room with plants if you want to place several that are not excessively large is to leave them hanging. They help you to take advantage of the space in vertical and you can also make incredible compositions. You can even combine them with others on the floor or on some piece of furniture. Look at these ideas, do not you think it’s cool?

decorating the living room
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Play with the chosen vessel

In addition to the type of plant itself, its size or color if we want to use flowers, it is good to play with the chosen container to place them as it can also help us to decorate. In fact, he will if he chooses well. You can put them in glass bottles, for example, in wicker baskets, in pots of a lifetime of clay, in metal cans … There are many options and each plant and each style of decoration will suit each other better.

The best plants to decorate your living room

We have already seen some ideas to decorate your living room with plants, but you may still have doubts about which to use for it. You have to take into account, of course, the conditions of the stay: hours of light, if it gives the sun, if it is hot, if it has moisture … For example, inculcation is a very elegant interior plant that has a considerable size, It is very sturdy and easy to care for. For the pendants, the ferns can be wonderful. In order to clean and purify charged spaces, the spatter is ideal. If you fancy a rather small plant the fitonia can look great, also there are also with red leaf to bring a note of color to your living room.

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