5 Reasons Behind Asphalt Pavement Failure

Asphalt pavement surfaces are generally the more durable and low-maintenance way to go. There are a few specific reasons that you can experience failure in the asphalt surface. Proper planning and honest assessment of the surface needs are normally all it takes to ensure a surface that stays looking and functioning great for many years. Below are five of the top reasons for asphalt pavement failure.
Non Load-Bearing Base Material

Typically, an engineer walks the property to be paved and determines what base material needs to be used to provide a stable foundation for the asphalt surface. This is normally accurate, but an honest assessment can only be made when the engineer knows what type and amount of traffic will be traveling over and parking on the asphalt surface. Many times failure happens near loading docks and dumpsters, where heavy trucks tend to frequent.
Incorrect Thickness

An asphalt surface that is created too thin for the load it needs to bear is an unavoidable set-up for surface failure. Adjustments need to be made if there will be constant heavy traffic, or heavy vehicles. This is one time that you do not want to try and save money and end up with an asphalt surface that is only failing because you wanted to contain costs too much. Be up front and honest about the needs the asphalt surface will serve.

Zero Maintenance

An asphalt surface can begin to break down if there is little-to-no maintenance ever performed. Surface cracks will need to be sealed and a topical sealant added every two or three years. This will keep the surface usable and looking great for many years.
Localized Soil Erosion

Areas around the asphalt pavement can be a factor in failure. Wind and water soil erosion are key in causing a destabilization of the foundation under asphalt pavement. Areas with poor drainage allow water to build up and can cause areas of asphalt surface to bow, buckle and separate. It is a major reason for seam failure.
Lack of Repair In Damaged Areas

Damage can happen to an asphalt surface from heavy equipment, snow plows or rough handling of dumpsters. Potholes and dings in the surface should be repaired quickly to keep them form getting worse.

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Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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