Add value to your property with these home improvements

Not only do home improvements make our houses nicer places to live but also they can boost the value of our properties. So if you are looking to move all your furniture, possessions and belongings through an option like a Bristol Removals Company found at links like  and want to get the best return on your home, why not consider some of these home improvements.

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According to peer-to-peer lending company Zopa, the average home improvement can add an impressive 10 per cent to the overall value of a property. In a recent survey, Zopa quizzed customers who had taken out loans for various home improvement on what they thought they had made from the work; on average, it was discovered home owners added £30,000 to the overall value of their homes.

Here we take a look at the most effective ways of adding value to your property through home improvements.


The best way of boosting the value of your abode is by adding a conservatory. A conservatory will set you back around £5,300 but will make a profit of £5,700, giving a 108 per cent return on investment.

While extensions require planning permission, conservatories are exempt from these regulations as long as they don’t cover more than half the original land area of the house. Rules regarding fire and structural safety can also be avoided if half the wall and three-quarters of the ceiling is glazed or see-through


Your front garden is one of your house’s major selling points. As the first thing a potential buyer will see, it is important to keep any outside land looking its best. Lawns should be manicured and weed-free to make the best possible first impression. The average cost of overhauling a garden is £4,550 and should give home owners a profit of £4,000, making an 88 per cent return on investment.

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Just like your garden, the exterior of your house helps to form the first impressions of any potential buyer. Dirty windows, rotting frames and broken roof tiles are bound to affect the price of your home when it comes to selling; therefore, it is worth giving your exterior a lick or paint and contacting a firm, to price any repairs to windows and doors. This should cost around £6,000 and make a £4,500 profit.

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