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Installing a porch can prove to be a very handy addition to the front of a house. Installing a simple canopy without full enclosure will also provide a lot of shelter from the elements while you find your house keys! A completely enclosed porch offers an extra layer of insulation, preventing heat loss from the interior of your home. A porch is also the perfect place for storing coats, jackets, football boots, wellies and all the other family outdoor wear that accumulates in the hallway. Here are some things to consider when you decide you want a porch:

Does a porch need Planning Permission?

If a porch isnt bigger than 3 square metres and doesnt sit within 2 metres of a boundary with a highway (such as a footpath) you wont need planning permission for your porch. Exceptions include a structure that contains a toilet or a fuel store or will cover necessary ventilation between the inside and outside of the property. Areas that fall under special conservation regulations might also require permission so its always worth checking with your local planning office to be on the safe side.

Enclosing a Front Door

There are different types of porch and which one is best for you depends a lot on the design of your front door. Recessed doors were popular with Victorian, Edwardian and 1930s housing and these are easy to simply fill in with wood, brickwork or glass to create an attractive porch. Its important to ensure its in keeping with the rest of the property, to enhance it and not detract from it.

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Full Porch

As with the examples above, its still important to choose the right materials in keeping with the surroundings and the rest of the property. Consider if having a front door or a side door on the porch will make entering and exiting easier for you. Using a lot of glass will help to keep high levels of natural light coming into your home. Try to choose designs that fit in with the existing windows of your home. Youll also need proper foundations for your structure, even if its built all from timber. For a beautiful oak porch, visit Oak Porch, visit


For those homes with a flat, plain frontage like terraced housing, a canopy is most likely your only option. These are small shelters mounted over the front door. See if there are any other examples in the same street and choose something that fits with the period of the housing.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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