Ideas for decorating your living room this fall

It seemed that autumn was reluctant to arrive and today we have risen with some rain.Fortunately!Taking advantage that the sky has darkened and you feel like staying at home I’ll give you someideas to decorate your room in a very autumnal way.They are small changes that you can make to the decoration of the stay so you have that warm and cozy touch of this season.You’ll see how easy it is!

decorating your living room
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A carpet for autumn

If in summer you have collected all the carpets in the room because they were too hot, it is time to replace them.Or if you never had, why do not you cheer up?Remember sometips to choose the most appropriate.You can opt for a large one under the sofa, for example, or for the center of the room.As for colors,earth tonesare always welcome in autumn.

A clear autumn

Although we relate autumn with orange, brown and yellow hues, another idea that I propose and that I like a lot is to bet on a white base to which you can add slight nuances in theseautumnal hues.Look how beautiful it is.As you can see, it is not necessary to fill the room with intense colors, just introduce some yellow flowers or a red vase and we are already before a beautiful autumnal stay.Even in the image on the right, without these colors, this effect has been achieved with the use of textiles and natural materials.

decorating your living room
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Decorative details

There is no autumn decoration without details ofleaves or dry branches, pineapples or even a pumpkin.I’m not just referring to those ofHalloween, but to the vintages even without celebrating this holiday proper of this time of year.They are very decorative and autumn.Do not forget thecandles, which provide a soft and pleasant lighting to your living room.There will even be wonderful plants or flowers to give a natural touch to the stay.

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Warm textiles

If you start to notice that temperatures are lower, you feel like being on the couch with a blanket to watch a movie or your favorite series.Addwarm textiles to the decoration of your living room, suchas a blanket as I say on the sofa or on an armchair or chair. Complement with the carpet that we mentioned before and with some cushions you will be able to design an atmosphere of the most cozy and comfortable.

decorating your living room
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Natural materials

Furniture and accessories made ofwood or natural fibersare ideal for this time of year.You want to get into warm environments to protect yourself from the freshness that begins to do outside, so nothing better than bringing your classroom this type of materials.Complement them with cotton, wool or linen textiles.

The lighting

I have already told you that you can put some candles but to achieve anice and cozy autumnal illumination itis good that you take all possible party in the natural light that you enjoy during the day.Open the curtains or bet on light textiles that let the rays of the sun through. When night comes, turn on some lights not too strong to create that serene and autumnal space.Bet on floor lamps or on some side table.

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