Double glazing is a must for your home

Double glazing is a great way to improve your home if you do not already have it. It can make a huge difference to your home almost immediately, both in terms of comfort and value.

Double glazing keeps heat in, and keeps the cold out. Double-glazing systems can trap heat inside your home. Even if the Beast from the East is trying to make things worse outside, you can rest assured that your heating system will not have to work overtime as warm air bounces off the tough double glazed windows and back into the home.

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On the other hand, it is also true that double glazing will repel cold air no matter how much it tries. It stays outside. Single glazing is unable to do this. Scientists used heat sensors to prove that single-paned windows are responsible for between 50 and 70 percent of heat loss in a house. Double glazing will keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter and block the sun’s harmful rays during summer. This will allow you to lower your energy costs and reduce the need for fans in summer. It’s always a good thing to have lower energy bills.

The benefits of double glazing include making air conditioning units more effective. If your windows are helping to keep your home cool during the summer, then your air conditioning isn’t having to work so hard. To find out more about Air conditioning Gloucester, go to a site like

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Other benefits are also available. UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your soft furnishings. You will notice that anything you place in direct sunlight starts to fade. Double glazing is a great advantage for conservation departments who are constantly fighting UV. Double glazing reduces UV rays by reflecting and absorbing them. So you can use the wallpaper you like and it won’t fade.

Double glazing also prevents sound from entering, which helps you to maintain some privacy. It also provides an extra layer of security. It’s hard to break, and when it does it makes a loud noise.

Add all of this up and you will see that the addition you make to your home will have a major impact on raising or maintaining your house value. Double glazing has a huge value and is a major selling point.

Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews

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