How To Give Your Home Decor A Rustic Feel


Deciding how to decorate your home is a very personal choice. While some like a more modern feel, many of us prefer a rustic look, evocative of an old farm house. The good news is that decorating your home in a rustic style can be very affordable and simple, provided that you have some smart tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home in a rustic style.

Buy The Right Types Of Furniture

You want to avoid modern furniture pieces that have a lot of harsh edges and glossy finishes. Instead, look for new or antique pieces that have a “shabby chic” vibe. When you’re decorating your home in a rustic style, you can utilize deconstructed pieces with uneven paint finishes and perhaps even chips. When it comes to the rustic look, it isn’t about clean, glossy perfection. Rather, it’s about creating a decor that looks inviting and lived-in.

It’s All About The Little Accents

Creating a rustic feel is all about those little accents. A candle here, a boxwood wreath there. These little decor items can really make or break your overall aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to work with what you already have or to even look at thrift stores. Mixing old with new is a great way to create a rustic look. Plus, it makes shopping for your home decor all the more exciting.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

Wood and copper are materials that are very evocative of farm houses and the rustic look. Materials like polymer and glossy plastic are not very rustic. Try to incorporate natural wood as often as possible when decorating your home. It is the best way to get that farm house look that you’re trying to achieve.

Flowers and Linens Make A Huge Difference

A rustic, shabby chic home wouldn’t be the same without fresh flowers. Furthermore, decorative linens in materials like gingham can also make a huge difference. Remember, it’s all about those little accent pieces. The more you can perfect your eye for detail, the more rustic your home will appear.

The modern look is great and all, but nothing beats the inviting appearance of a home decorated in a classic rustic theme. If you follow these tips, your home will evoke the feeling of a beautiful old country farmhouse, even if you’re in the middle of a big city.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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