Five ways to refresh your interior

Giving your home a fresh look without embarking on a lengthy refurbishment project is possible with some interior design touches that can turn an unloved place into a useful space.

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Shed new light

Any room can benefit from switching up the lighting thats being used. A new shade on a hanging bulb or standard lamp can make the room feel different immediately, as it will be casting a different coloured light around the room. Functionality can be added with task lights that will turn tables into multi-functional desks or kitchen work surfaces. While all new wiring needs to be completed by a qualified electrician, this doesn’t need to be an expensive job and updating your spotlights to LEDs and adding lighting in corners of rooms that were previously a bit gloomy can refresh your interior quickly and affordably.

Go botanical

Plants and flowers can literally bring a breath of fresh air to any room in your home. And theres no need to limit yourself to just one plant. According to Homes and Property, searches for vertical gardens on Pinterest have increased by 287 percent.

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Fresh fabrics

Perk up your bedroom by changing the fabric on your headboard. Freshen up your sofa with new cushions in a seasonal fabric. Or make an impact on the flooring in any room with the help of carpet cleaners Cheltenham has a number of companies, such as

Say it in pictures

Add a new style to your room with a new piece of art such as a painting in a corner of the living room that usually doesnt have a feature to draw your eye. A piece of ceramic or glass on a table will encourage more people to sit around it and photographs displayed on the wall in a hallway could transform it from a transitional space into a room that reminds you of your favourite people and good times spent together.

Furnish with a new style

Invest in a new piece of furniture to mix and match with what youve got and you can change the look of your dining room, bedroom or any room in the house. Mix-match chairs around a table or swapping out one bedside table for a new style can transform the feeling of a room without you having to embark on a big project.


Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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