How bad weather can affect your TV reception

At its simplest, a television signal is a stream of radio waves. Any disruption to the pathway of these waves can cause issues with your reception. Although it is not so problematic today, extreme weather can disrupt TV signals.

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High pressure

Although you might not think it, warm days can cause TV reception issues. High pressures enable radio waves to travel further, resulting in signals from other transmitters interfering with your aerial. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this other than to head outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Strong winds

The signal may be affected in strong wind or rain as your aerial or nearby trees move in the wind, blocking or missing radio waves. Although you might not be able to resolve this entirely, raising or upgrading your aerial to avoid the worst winds can help. Wet leaves are also problematic, so keep the area around your aerial as clear as possible.

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Waterlogged cables can cause massive issues. Ensure your cables are as secure as possible to avoid water entering and remaining, and deal with any waterlogged cables as quickly as possible.


Similarly, sunshine can damage cables, causing them to crack and fall apart over time. Black cables last longer than white ones, as they are less affected by the suns rays. Ensure cables are repaired quickly if you notice any cracks.

Other issues

Although bad weather makes up a high proportion of TV signal problems, it is worth checking for other problems.

Try restarting your digital box or TV, checking that the leads are properly connected and in good repair, that your aerial is properly positioned, and that your other devices – mobile phone, boiler, washing machine etc – are not interfering with the signal.

Issues sometimes arise simply because your TV aerial is old or not strong enough to combat disturbances. If you think you need a new TV aerial installation Bath has some great professionals to get you up and running in no time. Experts such as can resolve 99 per cent of signal problems in one day and will arrive swiftly with all the required equipment.

If you notice problems with your TV reception, contact an expert to ensure you can enjoy the best TV has to offer without disruption.


Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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