Gate openers: no longer the preserve of the super rich

Youre tired and its raining again, but you have to get out of the car to open the gate to your driveway.

Gate openers

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This may well be the point at which you decide that automatic gates are number one on your wish list. These were once seen as the preserve of the rich and reclusive, but we now live in a world of automation, so why not take advantage of it at home?

New gate openers

Earlier gate openers made the gates clang open and shut, causing a lot of wear and tear on the structure. There are now lots of options, such as soft start and soft stop, which are less wearing on the gate.

When installing a new gate, you’ll need to think about how the gate should operate: swing or slide? Whichever you choose, the strength of the gate opener will be in proportion to how heavy gate is. Steel and iron are much heavier than aluminium and need a heavier-duty gate opener. While aluminium may not be as beautiful as iron or hard wood, its very practical because its economical and strong for its weight.

Therefore, automatic gates by and others are worth a look as they are both robust and cost-effective. Bear in mind that the Health and Safety Executive has guidelines for gate safety.

Improving security and safety

Some property owners want to enhance the approach to their property, while others are seeking better security. Sometimes, the problem isnt security so much as selfish parkers who see your drive as a free car park, especially if you are near a popular amenity area. For those who are worried about security, the “self-lock on close” option is one to look at. After the gate closes behind an exiting vehicle, it locks itself. Of course, safety matters so make sure your installer is up to speed with the latest in safety.

Solar panels are ideal for those looking for a sustainable solution because they dont need sunny days to operate and can power the opening and closing functions of the gate even in bad weather.

If you already have a gate, you can consider installing the gate opener yourself. However, check the details because some gate openers are only guaranteed if a professional installs them.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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