Get your Garden Ready in March to Enjoy in the Summer

We are fast approaching spring, and this means that jobs in the garden are starting to stack up! If you are hoping to enjoy some time in the garden this summer, now is the time to get onto all of those jobs that will have your garden looking great.

If you want to add some summer colour to your garden, then you can get some new plants and bulbs. You don’t even need to leave your house to do this with places like this online garden centre Kent based being able to deliver the plants to your directly.

If you have a greenhouse you can get some plants off to a good start in there, or alternatively, why not start some seeds off in your home on the kitchen windowsill for example? This will protect the less hardy plants from the worst of the unpredictable March weather.

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Some seeds and bulbs can be planted directly outdoors in March too – sweet peas can be sown in seed trays outdoors, as well as bulbs like anemones and lilies.

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If you want to enjoy your own garden harvest, then you can also make a start on the vegetable patch in March – Kale  and some cabbage types, as well as carrots and beetroots can be planted in March and later in the year you will have a hearty harvest of home-grown vegetables to enjoy!

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