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When your refrigerator or freezer has stopped working, you only have a matter of hours to get it back up and running before all of your food in these appliances must be discarded. Even if you pack the appliances with dry ice, you still risk damaging the food with freezer burn.

Because you never know when your appliances will stop working, you need to know when and where you can call professional repairmen to service these kitchen fixtures. By looking online for appliance contractors, handymen, and a sub zero repair service Key Biscayne residents like you can schedule the repairs you need on your own time line.

Geographical Area of Services

Before you make the phone call for repair help, you need to know for sure that the contractors can respond to your residence and that you are located within the service map for that business. Some companies do not bother to offer the geographical service area on their websites. However, the one that you might be interested in calling first has a map that you can refer to so that you know for sure that someone can respond to your home immediately.

The map on the website shows the boundaries of where the company can service anytime day or night. Once you discover that your house is within those boundaries, you can make the phone call and request help to get your fridge or freezer back in working order.

Check the Appliances First

You may be able to spare yourself a phone call and a service bill by checking to see if you can remedy the situation yourself. You should not attempt to work on the motor or fill up the appliances with Freon. Still, you can take simple measures to see if you can fix the issue yourself before calling a contractor for help.

Sometimes your fridge or freezer will start working again if you remove some of the items stored inside. Packed fridges and freezers have no room to circulate air. Once they are emptied, they may start cooling down properly again. You can also check to make sure the door to the appliances is shut all of the way so no hot air gets inside.

These simple measures can help keep your appliances in good running condition. If not, you can call for help and make sure that your home is located within the contractor’s geographical service area.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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