Three easy decorating ideas for autumn

Autumn is a great season if youre looking for seasonal inspiration for your interior design. The colours alone speak of comfort and warmth, whether youre a fan of rich reds or earthy ambers. So take your tone from Mother Nature and bring the outdoors inside with these autumn-inspired decorating ideas.

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Texture and tone

Autumnal style is full of tonal interest and textural sparks. Rugged highland fabrics in tweeds and wools are perfect additions to your rooms, as are textured furniture such as Lloyd Loom dining chairs.

When it comes to colours, think of creating an autumnal palette of rich hues ranging from rusty but rich reds to decadent and heathery purples. Earthy ceramics will work particularly well with these sumptuous and comforting autumnal shades.

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Mix it up

Boost your seasonal style by adding floral fabrics to complement your Lloyd Loom chairs from the likes of, for example. Floral throws can be chic and practical as the nights draw in, as can cushions adorned with woodland motifs or other nature-inspired scenes. These will allow you to enjoy the outdoors while never having to step out into the colder air.

You could also think about contrasting earth tweeds and stripes for interest and effect or combining felt cushions with classic gingham or an old-fashioned Welsh woollen blanket. All of these will work beautifully with painted woods and natural woods in an informal living room which can be further set off with a jug of sloe-laden branches on the sideboard or dresser. Read more about stunning hedgerow plants and bushes on the RHS website at

A seasonal tapestry

Mixing an array of interesting textures, styles and patterns is the ideal way to create the perfect autumnal feel in your home. Offset antique spongeware and stippled ceramics with coarsely-woven, rustic fabrics and textiles, along with open-weave lines, hessian and printed burlaps.

You could also consider really bringing the outside in by allowing nature to offer its own inspiration and unique colour scheme inside your home. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Decorative squashes can be used as part of a seasonal display, for example, as can seasonal flowers and plants. You could even think about sprinkling autumn leave on your dining table as a real seasonal nod to the transformations taking place outdoors.


Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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