How to fix a cold radiator

As autumn sets in and it is clear that winter is on the way, you will no doubt be starting to switch on your heating; however, what happens if one or more of your radiators doesnt get hot? A cold radiator is a problem many of us have faced and it is not pleasant, particularly if the radiator in question is in one of your main rooms or we are in the middle of an unseasonable cold snap. What can you do to fix it?

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Do it yourself

The first thing to check is where the radiator is cold, as this will help you to determine what the problem might be. Is it just cold at the top, just the bottom, or is it all over?

If it is the top that remains cold, there is likely to be some air trapped in the system. This is a common problem and can be resolved by bleeding the radiator to remove the air.

The bottom of the radiator being cold can signify a build-up of debris in one or more radiators. Again, it is quite straightforward to remove the build-up, but it can be a fiddly and messy job.

Call in the professionals

If you prefer, you can call in the professionals. One of the first things they might look at is your boiler, which should be serviced on a regular basis to make sure it is working safely and efficiently. A Bristol boiler services company such as will provide servicing for both homeowners and landlords.

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Whoever you choose, make sure they are on the Gas Safe Register. This means they have the correct certification to safely carry out any maintenance or repairs.

A cold radiator may be the least of your worries if your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide, as more than 4,000 Brits a year realise when they are admitted to hospital. For some people, a regular boiler service is part of the terms of their warranty agreement.

Finally, it is worth noting that many standard home insurance policies do not cover boilers as standard. They are so prone to going wrong, particularly during the winter months, but worry not. You should be able to add your boiler to your policy for a small additional charge or take out emergency cover specifically for your boiler and heating system.

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