How to use industrial shelving in the home

Industrial shelving is ideal, of course, for industrial purposes. Sturdy, long-lasting and reliable, it comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and is built to carry heavy loads. So it’s perfectly suited to garages, warehouses, stores and workshops.

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However, this versatile shelving can be used in the home, too. Trend-setters in need of new and innovative ways to store their goods are increasingly turning to industrial units – and for good reason. Often cheaper than wooden furniture, as well as highly stylish and undoubtedly modern-looking, industrial shelving offers great storage solutions for every room in the house. It is a great way to organise items in your attic once the Loft conversion Bristol like has created a beautiful space for you to use. This additional space can then be treated just like any other room in your home.

According to The Telegraph, industrial-style homes concentrate on bare metal designs along with a neutral colour palette, so industrial shelving is a match made in heaven.

If you want to decorate your home in the industrial style, or just add a few such touches, here are just a few ideas:

Give it a makeover

While industrial shelving usually looks on trend unchanged, it may not fit in with your current décor or suit your tastes completely. But no fear – it can easily be adapted so it suits your home just fine. A coat of paint – say in luscious white, bright neons or pale pastels – will bring your shelving right up to date. Coloured to complement or even contrast with your walls, your new shelving units can be used to store all manner of items, from books to ornaments. Adding items in the same colour scheme will add to the attraction. Alternatively, go all out for the industrial theme by painting your shelves with a metallic paint. This will add to the unit’s industrial character and looks great in a study or garage.

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Any room in the house

You will find your industrial shelving fits in with any room in your house. Try putting a smaller shelf in the hallway for your shoes and boots – a great way to keep your footwear organised. Or install some shelving under kitchen units for an ultra-stylish, minimalistic, modern look. Ideal for holding all your pots and pans.

In the study, living room or – if you’re lucky enough to have one – library, industrial shelving looks fabulous used as bookshelves.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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