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Cottage Decor

You’ve probably heard more than once the cottage style, but you know what exactly this decorative trend? Inspired by traditional Victorian cottages of the English countryside, the cottage decor is romantic, rustic and classic.

The cottage style we have seen on more than one occasion these majestic manors period films such as Pride and Prejudice based on Jane Austen’s novel. The perfect example to illustrate the keys to the cottage decor. You want to know more? Then do not miss the clues that we present below.

Cottage Decor
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Natural materials

First of all, we must not lose sight of the materials play an important role in the cottage style. Triumph natural materials like porcelain, wood, cotton , wicker … That is reminiscent of nature that make the leap from the English countryside to house decoration.

As important as the material is the effect of our furniture. We refer of course to the wood furniture with pickling effect giving an elegant and rustic touch to the decor. A finish that is also characteristic of cottage style.

Clear and earthy colors

Another of the most important keys to this trend is the decorative color. How could it be otherwise, given that nature is the protagonist of the cottage-style earth tones are a must in these environments. Colors like beige, cream, green and white, among others, help us to dress the rooms with that irresistible rustic charm.

Besides the colors, the prints also occupy a privileged place in this style. Keep an eye on the flower print reminiscent of the beautiful lawns and gardens that surround traditional cottages England.

Cottage Decor
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Pure nature

Flowers for decoration flowers and also has an irresistible feminine and romantic touch, also very common in cottage style homes. A pattern that is present in textiles, walls and even furniture. And, of course, fresh flowers in vases to wrap decoration with the most irresistible fragrance of the English countryside.

Classic accent

As we explained at the beginning of our article, the cottage decor is halfway between the rustic, romantic and classic. Therefore, in our rooms should not miss the great icons of the classic decor. From ceiling lamps spider type or chandelier that will glam touch until medallion chairs, chandeliers and many other furniture and fixtures with an irresistible classic accent.

You see, the decoration style cottage also has some eclectic charm where classic, rustic and romantic pieces are combined in search of a chic and natural decoration which in recent years has become trend.

Cottage Decor
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Welcoming and bright spaces

Although we should not lose sight of another of the most important keys cottage style. And these environments are characterized by large and bright with large windows. So it is recommended to arrange the furniture in order to maximize sunlight, use light textiles and opt for bright furniture that illuminate the rooms. Although we can also use mirrors, besides decorating, multiply the light.

Finally, we also want to emphasize that the cottage decoration should be cozy and comfortable. So you textiles and carpets, cushions and curtains are a must in our cottage environments.

In short, natural materials, floral prints, rustic pieces, icons of classical decoration, light colors and an air British are the keys to the cottage decoration. Have we forgotten something?

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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