Saving tips at home

Saving tips

Did you know that the decor adequate can help save home? Leaving aside the aesthetic, a good decoration is one that allows us to save on bills later this month, but without compromising on comfort and good taste.

So now we propose some important clues to save at home. In some cases, simple and unimportant small gestures represent real savings in household bills. Take note!

Saving tips
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Brightly decorated

Simple gestures like distribute correctly the furniture, use light curtains and decorate with lighter colors helps us achieve more bright. Which may involve more hours of sunlight, to avoid having to turn on the lamps so long?

LED lighting

And speaking of lamps, a very important tip to enjoy a properly lighted home is to choose the right bulb. In this regard, the LED lights are the most efficient. Last 15,000 to 25,000 hours longer than traditional, equivalent to about 10 years, and reduce the consumption of energy by up to 90%.

In addition, they are less polluting than conventional bulbs. So not only we help our pocket, but also to nature. And all this without giving up a well-lit spaces. Indeed, LED lights do not generate heat; resist the most extreme temperatures and light up instantly.

Saving tips
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Motion sensors

Another interesting place to save energy at home tip is to place motion sensors, especially in transit areas. A small effort worth it, because at the end of the year helps us to reduce the electricity bill.

The light output contracted

Another great idea to save some money at home is lower contracted power light. The vast majority of households pay a share of power much higher than they really need, especially in the home with few members. Therefore, we recommend in the next bill you to notice the power you have hired.

This power varies depending on the number of people living at home. It is important to note this number as before the contracted power most common hovered between 4.60 and 6.90 KW. However, new contracts is very common to see powers of 9.20 KW.

Crafts and recycling

Leaving aside all these technical aspects, the decor can also help save on home. How? With crafts or Do It Yourself. In recent years, recycling has become a wonderful solution to decorate and save some money at home.

We can implement a host of ideas to decorate every corner of the house. For example, we can retrieve pallets for use as a headboard, as coffee table or even bed frame, among many other ideas. While glass jars can become improvised and decorative candleholders. So now you know: Before you get rid of something that apparently need, thinks another possible use you can give.

Saving tips
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Cozy textiles

Aesthetically, the accessories can also be great allies to decorate and save some money. During the coldest months of the year, the carpets become the protagonists for dressing rooms with a cozy and comfortable touch, while helping us to keep the heat of the rooms.

Also do not forget to seal doors and windows with foam rubber strips or silicone adhesive. But also, we recommend installing digital thermostats that can be programmed for areas of the house depending on the day and time, as each room has a different use.

A good use of appliances

Finally, be sure to disconnect all electronic devices that do not need and do not normally use. Did you know that the devices mode stand by consume 2.3% of energy? So, if not an appliance you use very often, should turn it off completely, especially before going to bed.

Have we missed something important? What tricks do you recommend us to save at home?

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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