Moving Home the Easy Way

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We all know that moving home can be really stressful. However, if you prepare yourself properly, you can avoid quite a lot of this stress. Below are a number of pointers to help you have an experience that is as pleasant as possible.

Important Moving Tips

  1. Make a list of the different things that need doing and add things to the list as they come up. As soon as you have completed anything, tick it off on your list. While a computerized list can be ok, it is better to have one printed so that you always have that visual reminder.
  2. Hire your movers in Arlington VA. Do this as early as possible so you dont end up finding they are fully booked, and so that you can negotiate the best possible deal.
  3. Get your packaging materials together. If you have hired a moving company, they may be able to provide them to you, often at a cost. You can also buy them yourself, but dont forget that you can get boxes for free from places like fast food restaurants. Plus, you can use certain things like blankets, sheets, and towels, as protective packaging material instead of buying it.
  4. Start packing up your boxes, making sure you dont overload them. If a box becomes too heavy, the bottom will fall out and your belongings will break. Find out what your moving companys requirements and limits are in terms of weight per box as well.
  5. Start contacting your friends and family to give you a hand on moving day. The more you can do yourself, the less you will be out of pocket. People will likely be more than happy to give you a hand, particularly with the promise of a sandwich and a drink.
  6. Make sure you have notified all your utility companies and other places that you are registered with of your move. Thing gas, electricity, water, television, cable, internet, mobile phone, pharmacy, magazine subscriptions, dentist, family physician, gym, school, clubs, and libraries, although there are likely to be more.
  7. Give notice to your landlord if you are currently in rented accommodation. If you forget to do this, you will end up having to pay rent for a property you no longer live in. Make sure you check your home as well, so that you can get your deposit back.
  8. Have a forwarding address ready and give this to the post office, so that all your mail can be forwarded automatically to your new home. This will also provide you with a clear reminder of which companies you forgot to notify of your move.

These really are the most important tips to ensure your moving experience goes by without a glitch. This experience is likely to be stressful no matter how much you plan for it. However, the above things will at least help you to lower the stress levels slightly, leaving you with more time to settle in and to cope with the emotional upheaval of leaving your old home behind.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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