How to Protect Your Wooden Floor from Scratches

Scratches can seriously mar the appearance of your wooden floor, and it may not be easy to rectify the problem once they occur. Therefore, the best idea is to do everything possible to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place and, thankfully, the following tips can go a long way in helping to protect your wooden floor from damage.

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Protect your wood or engineered flooring by thinking about the footwear you have on when walking on it. Make sure you remove all shoes, particularly high heels and boots, and use runners or rugs in areas of high footfall if you dont want to have to ask visitors to walk about in their socks or bare feet.

Furniture Pads

Use felt pads on the bottom of furniture. These are normally very cheap to buy and are really easy to apply. They also last for a long time, making them excellent value for money, especially when you consider how much it would cost to repair or replace a damaged floor.

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Cleaning Care

Wooden and engineered flooring from companies such as can be extremely simple to care for, but that doesnt mean you can go to town with scrubbing brushes or heavy-handed vacuuming or mopping. Find tips on cleaning wooden flooring on the Good Housekeeping website at

Small Children and Toys

Confine children to playing on a playmat, and dont be tempted to drag toy boxes across your floor.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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