New Timber Homes Built to Store C02

The way in which your home is built can actually enable it to reduce levels of air pollution, creating a more environmentally friendly property. Rather than using what have become traditional construction methods in this country such as brickwork, the addition of materials like timber, hemp and straw can form CO2 banks and have a positive effect on global warming.

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Every little bit helps when it comes to limiting the impact that we have on the environment and the introduction of more renewable sources into construction methods can make properties less polluting, by enabling them to store carbon dioxide. The work of a timber frame construction company with the addition of hemp and straw works as a carbon sequestrator.

Trapping CO2

When bio-materials are used to construct buildings, the CO2 that is absorbed by plants and then the ground can be trapped within the structure rather than being released into the environment again. As much as 55 tonnes of equivalent CO2 can be stored within an average house, depending on the amount of renewable products that are used.

These properties would generally be built by a timber frame construction company, such as the structures available through qtf homes ltd, and then straw bales would provide roof insulation, with further bio-based materials used in other parts of the construction process.

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Growth of Bio-homes

In many areas of the world, timber framed properties are much more common than they are in the UK. Over 70% of those living in developed countries have a timber home and 90% of the low-rise properties in North American use timber construction methods.

However, in Europe carbon sequestration homes are a specialist area, with main elements of the industry seeing bio-materials as short lived, perishable and flammable, rather than considering the overall benefits they can bring.

Work has already started on properties using bio-methods, including a development in Bristol, which are the first commercially available properties in the world that have been built with straw. New products are always being developed to push this technology forward.

In order for this area of construction to develop it will be imperative for governments to understand the advantages of this method and provide financial incentives to grow the market. The benefits can bring about huge advantages for homeowners as well as the environment, and completely change the way we think about construction.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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