Tips for a fireplace in the living room

There is nothing more welcoming than a traditional decorative fireplace in the living room. During the summer, the fireplace is a purely aesthetic element, but when winter comes it becomes the undisputed star of the decoration.

So in this article we wanted to dedicate this article to a fitting element as winter. Take note of everything you need to know to enjoy a fireplace in the living room.

Fireplace Placement
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Traditional fireplaces

First of all, we must think about the type of fireplace that we have at home. Traditional fireplaces are the most decorative and bring more elegance to the living room. Choose a fireplace in marble or stone perfectly integrated in the environment. But do not forget that must be installed by a professional, because this fire needs an exit to the outside for security, well construction permit.

Other aspects to consider are that traditional fireplaces can be open or closed with an element such as a crystal. The open fireplace means greater heat loss than closed. In fact, the closed fireplace is a significant savings of up to 80% in combustion material.

Fireplace Placement
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Ecological and portable fireplaces

There are other options available to us as ecological and portable fireplaces. They are perfect for those who do not or can have a traditional fireplace. In this case, we can choose a fireplace bioethanol does not need vent. It is a fairly safe option because carbon dioxide given off by these sustainable fireplaces is the same as that of three candles.

And once you’ve chosen the right design for your living room, it’s time to put the furniture and accessories around it. Have clear how?

Installing a traditional fireplace it is determined by a number of technical aspects, so in many cases can not choose its location because it will be the coach himself suggest us for security reasons. Therefore, we place furniture based on the location of the fireplace.

Fireplace Placement
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Integrate the fireplace in the living room

As normal the fireplace is often the protagonist of the room and around it will place the traditional coffee table, sofa and armchairs. Although we can also arrange the furniture so that the stay in a corner fireplace. Everything will depend on the possibilities offered by our stay.

Another aspect to consider is that fireplaces are decorative and versatile, both romantic rooms in rustic style and even as modern environmentsEverything depends on the model and type of fireplace you want.

Fireplace Placement
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Why choose a fireplace bioethanol?

Although if you are considering a contemporary decor, our advice is to opt for a fireplace bioethanol, these fires not only decorate with a more modern feel, but also exude a high calorific value. So they are a great option to keep a warm home.

The great advantage of having one of these fireplaces in the living room is no need to install special, even a plug. So we can place it wherever we want, since placement is as simple as any other furniture in the room.

As regards domestic security can be calm because with a fireplace bioethanol the risk is minimal. Easy to transport and placing, these chimneys are adjustable, so the intensity of the flame and combustion time.

You will find this type of fireplaces in specialized stores in home and garden, and numerous models and designs. Certainly a great option for those who want to have a fireplace in the living room, but cannot afford a traditional.

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