5 Tips for Air Condition Repairs

Introduction. Air cons have a lifespan of between 10-15 years. Even though they are pretty durable, air condition repairs are necessary to keep them functioning efficiently. There are a few maintenance and repair tips that can improve its performance significantly. While some are simple, there are maintenance tips that require the skill of a trained technician. Its often more advisable to work with certified experts for the sake of warranty and safety issues.

I. Change The Filter. Filters are responsible for stopping most of the dust, dirt, and moisture. Thats why they have to be regularly replaced. Depending on the model some filters are more durable than others. Most filters have to be changed every 90 or so days. Recyclable filters can just be cleaned and refitted. If a filter overstays, then it will lose its ability to work effectively in stopping the murk and dirt, and the air quality in the house will plummet.

II. Clean The Vents. The vents comprise the biggest part of the air con. They are responsible for distributing the air around the house. With time they also begin to accumulate dust and dirt. Thats why they need cleaning a few times in a year. Its advisable to hire the services of a professional technician to carry out a thorough cleaning at least once a year. When unattended to, the air ducts and vents can significantly compromise the air quality.

III. Repair The Condensing Unit To Prevent Blockage. This is one of the most critical and expensive parts of your air conditioner. Its responsible for drawing air into the house. Thats why you need to take the time to clean off the obstructions and trash like leaves and other items that lay around the condenser. A broken down condenser unit could cost you lots of money if you dont carry out proper air con repairs. Thats why you need a professional hand to carry out regular maintenance and repairs.

IV. Check The Coolants. Air cons use refrigerants without consuming it. Therefore ideally the coolant would never need refilling or changing. However, its critical that a technician checks the unit for leaks, contamination or any other irregularity. In the event that the coolant is compromised its best to replace it. There are a number of quality coolant brands in the market.

Call for Professional AC Maintenance. During the maintenance and air conditioning repairs, make sure the pro checks the coils, thermostat and the electrical systems of the air con unit. Such regular maintenance saves cash, energy and improves the comfort of the home during winter and hot summer days. Our maintenance and repair teams handle hundreds of air con units with different types of challenges every year.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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