What’s The Scoop On Green Carpet Cleaning?

You might assume that the best way to tackle a dirty carpet is to use the most potent, serious cleaning products out there. But few homeowners understand just how damaging many conventional cleaning products and systems can be, especially when it comes to a delicate home rug. While conventional cleaning products are known for blasting the dirt out of fabrics and getting rid of stains, they can also go way overboard, getting rid of good bacteria along with bad and hurting your rug in the long run. Using a green service like Green Dog Chem-Dry, however, can be a cleaning method thats just as effective without causing carpet to buckle. So whats the real difference between green and conventional? Here are a few points of comparison.

Green Cleans Better

While many homeowners can easily get turned off by the high price tag of green cleaning products, the truth is that organic cleaners have become way more affordable than they once were. Theyve also become a great deal more effective. While in the past, people were skeptical about the power of all-natural, organic materials to give rugs the deep clean they needed to stay free of mold, mildew, and other harmful agents, today, organic cleaners represent the gold standard when it comes to keeping rugs and other home surfaces free of harm-causing bacteria and dirt. Theyre also gentler on your fabrics, so you wont have to worry about over-treating a stain or exposing a more delicate material to harmful chemicals.

Green Cleans Safer

While many harsh cleaning agents like bleach and ammonia are notable for getting every shred of bacteria out of a stain or spot, they can sometimes go overboard, getting rid of even the healthy bacteria we need to keep a balanced home environment. By erasing all bacteria from a rug surface, a chemical cleaner can often present more problems. Not only that, but chemical cleaners can be downright hazardous, especially if two toxic elements are mixed together. If you hate the unpleasant fumes of harsh cleaners, youre probably picking up on the fact that breathing in heavy chemicals isnt the greatest thing for you, your family, or your carpet.

Green Targets Specialty Areas

While a heavy duty cleaner might do a great job of washing everything away, green cleaners have become more sophisticated when it comes to treating specific problems, such as breaking down pet odor in stains and keeping mold from forming on a more delicate material. If youre trying to treat a specific issue, you probably wont have the best luck using a traditional cleaner. Instead, opt for different green cleaners that work with different materials. You wont have to rely on the same harsh chemicals each time, and youll be able to preserve the shape and color of your more delicate home rugs. Dont assume that dirt is the only problem and that it has to be treated aggressively. If you want to keep your rug healthier for longer, its a much better tactic to invest in home cleaners that are focused and targeted to get rid of specific problems rather than to spray an all-purpose cleaner all around the home and hope it works.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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