Proven Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home

Mosquitoes can be a real problem in any home. Mosquitoes can spread diseases and leave behind incredibly itchy bites. You have to be proactive about stopping mosquito problems from the very start. Here are some proven ways to keep mosquitoes out of your home.
Keep Your Home Clean Inside and Out

Start by keeping your home clean inside and out. You want to keep the interior rooms as clean as possible. Remove piles of clutter, leftover food and any spills. These are things that can attract mosquitoes and allow them to thrive. You want to pick up all yard waste right away. Remove any standing water immediately from kitchen sinks or outside. Turn over buckets or barrels that could collect rainwater to prevent them from turning into mosquito breeding pools.

Seal Cracks, Gaps and Torn Screens

Go around your home and seal any cracks, gaps or torn screens. Look for gaps around windows and doors. Fill them with weather-stripping. Use caulk to seal cracks or gaps around pipes and fixtures. Inspect your window screens regularly and make repairs when you find even the smallest tears.

Proven Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home

Call In Professionals to Spray

Call in a professional service to spray for mosquitoes. Professionals can use sprays that will form a barrier around your house to keep the mosquitoes out and far away. If you are planning a gathering or party, then professionals can use a special event spray that will drive mosquitoes away for the entire day or night. Calling a service is a good way to deal with large mosquito infestations that have already started.

Grow Plants That Deter Mosquitoes

Grow plants around and inside your home that deter mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are naturally repelled by plants such as catnip, marigolds, horsemint and citronella. Create a barrier of those plants around the outside of your home near doors and windows. You can also grow some indoors around areas like sinks and bathrooms to keep mosquitoes from settling in the house.

Hang Insect Screens over Commonly Used Doors

Hang insect screens over commonly used doors around your home. The screens will provide an extra barrier that mosquitoes will have to pass through to get inside the house. The screens are simple to install and easy to pass through even when you are carrying something like groceries. Good hanging screens will lock out mosquitoes and many other flying pests.

Place Camphor around the House

A final idea is to place camphor around the house. You can buy this substance at many hardware and garden stores. Put the camphor in a bowl with some water. Place the bowl in rooms where you have seen mosquitoes. Replace the water every couple of days. The smell of camphor naturally deters mosquitoes. If the problem is intense, then you can sprinkle camphor powder in the rooms where mosquitoes appear the most.

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