What’s up with the boiler?

When your boiler starts to make lots of weird and unpleasant noises its tempting to open it up and see if you can fix what’s doing it. Please don’t do this. Natural gas is a volatile substance and it needs to be carefully controlled. When it is controlled it is incredibly useful. As the saving goes about fire, it is a great servant but a terrible master.

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The first thing to do is not panic. There are lots of safety systems built into the boiler to stop it from doing anything explosive. However, you can’t ignore the warnings and so it’s time to call Boiler Installation Cheltenham based company Blu Fish. It might be an idea to shut down the boiler at the very least.

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For the most part it will probably be making whistling and boiling sounds which is commonly called kettling (as in, like the noise a kettle makes). With all this going on it is most like that the pumps and pipes need a service. It’s very important to have a regular servicing of the boiler as it can add years to the life expectancy of the system. Boilers are not the cheapest of things to purchase so it’s better that the thing is kept in tip top condition. In the long run that smaller monthly payment is what is needed to ensure that you don’t have a massive bill out of the blue.

It also means that you’ll be able to guarantee hot water and heat all year round. Won’t that be nice?

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