Why log homes are better than bricks

From a purely aesthetic point of view, log homes beat bricks and mortar hands down. Your friends and family will be green with envy and forever popping round to enjoy the rustic atmosphere. However, there are many other advantages to simply looking romantic and here are just a few:

  1. Using a renewable resource

You have no reason to worry about your green credentials when you purchase a timber construction. A home made from logs is the perfect answer to removing carbon from the atmosphere for the life of the building. Some manufacturers even make use of dead wood which has been damaged by insects for example or source from certified sustainable forests. Green building standards are also applied by many companies nowadays.

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  1. Durability

Youll hear plenty of people say that bricks are more durable than timber but remember to point out that log homes have been in use and still are in use around Europe for the last 800 years ago. There is a log church in Russia that claims to be older than 1,700 years of age! For Log Cabins Northern Ireland, visit logcabinsnorthernireland.com/

  1. Stand up to the elements

They can withstand a heck of a lot. Timber homes even withstood hurricanes Rita and Katrina in the U.S during 2005.

  1. Suit the land

Building with natural organic materials means your structure will blend into the surrounding land far better than bricks ever can. Log cabins never look like they are imposing on the landscape but seamlessly integrate into the surrounding environment.

  1. Warming Wood

Have you noticed how wood never feels cold like other construction materials? Wood has a quality called thermal mass, a naturally occurring property that maintains the core temperature in all weathers. A log home will absorb energy and radiate it back into your rooms during cold weather.

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  1. Energy Efficiency

Correct sealing between logs and between the logs and roof system will ensure your log home offers super efficiency. This type of home is often up to 20% more energy efficient than a traditional build. That can save you some serious money over the coming years.

  1. Silence is golden

Did you know that log homes are generally quieter than those built with bricks, thanks to the thermal mass of timber that also keeps it warm? The thickness of the walls allows for a deadening of sound transmission. So, if youre looking for ultimate privacy and to block out some of the noise from the outside world, wood is definitely the way to go.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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