Paris inspired decor

Paris is known worldwide as the City of Love, but the French capital also draws attention to many other aspects: fashion, food, architecture … Of course, we cannot forget the decor, as the Parisian style He has invaded many homes around the world, with its mix of ages, its elegance and chic air.

We must recognize that we are passionate about inspired decor in Paris. So today, we wanted to tell you all the keys to a typically Parisian house. Would you like to join us?

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Mix of modern and traditional

The first thing we say is that achieving a Parisian decoration outside the French capital is not easy, since the structural characteristics of housing in this European city are different from the rest of the world. Of course, we can achieve very similar to Paris if we follow some indications environments. For example, you should know that the Parisian style is characterized by being quite eclectic. Therefore, you should mix in the same room traditional elements with more modern and antique pieces with new ones. On the other hand, you should know that in Parisian homes is also common to combine different styles and textures.

Protagonists colors

If you want a home inspired by Paris you should pay special attention to the choice of colors. Therefore, you should know that the main character is white, which is usually present mainly in walls and ceilings. In this way, visually they expand space is enhanced and brightness of the environments, something very important if we consider that the light in the French capital is not that extensive. Of course, you must add touches of other colors, can choose different colors so in greens, blues, yellows and reds special. Also, you should know that in the Parisian environments also abound cake and, of course, the black shades, gold. As for prints, floral motifs are the most abundant.

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When achieve a Parisian decoration it is also very important to pay attention to lighting. As you mentioned, it is best to maximize natural light though, as in Paris is usually quite low, you must choose carefully artificial lights. Of course, keep in mind that these style lamps have much prominence, so you must choose decorative patterns and preferably classics. For example, the chandeliers are always welcome, as they provide a dose of incomparable elegance.

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Parts vintage

As you mentioned, the Parisian style is characterized by the mix of old and new. Therefore, they should not miss in your home-style pieces of vintage and retro. You can choose both really old furniture and accessories, whether parts inherited by your parents or grandparents or items acquired in rakes or thrift stores; as for items that, despite being new, have a worn or draw inspiration from past appearance. And you already know that many stores offer proposals decoration vintage. It is also important that you consider that the wood is usually protagonist tango furniture and floors.

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Decorative details

If you want to achieve a typical Parisian atmosphere, you cannot forget the details, which will be those who make the difference. In a home inspired by Paris can be great accessories and decorative objects such as carpets, art pieces (do not have to be authentic), photographs, mirrors and antique chandeliers. Finally, keep in mind that in the French capital are very common high ceilings and moldings.

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