Tell me where you live and I will tell you how to decorate the house

how to decorate

A cottage in the countryside in an environment of peace and natural beauty, an apartment in the heart of the city, a cabin in a mountain village or an apartment on the coast. Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you what kind of decor you will.

Today we propose something different: we invite you to discover the decorative style that goes to your house, depending on where it is located. So go wrong. You dare? Here we go!

how to decorate
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A flat in the city

In traditional apartment in the city is the most common housing among the population. Due to its characteristics, this type of houses are usually on one level and just and necessary meters for families with few members.

So the decorative style in urban flats is determined by the square footage of these homes. Therefore, we recommend maximizing the space open and shared environments. For example, a shared lounge and dining room or outdoor environments connecting with the room interior. The trick? We can define each ambient with rugs, furniture colors or even as a shelf. This will give the desired visual effect.

In these houses mainly triumphs minimalist and contemporary aesthetics . Light and light pieces, neutral colors, functional designs and convertible furniture. If we have to choose a decorative style, we recommend contemporary aesthetics or the scandi decor.

how to decorate
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A house on the outskirts

For those lucky enough to have a little house in the countryside or on the outskirts of the city, nothing better than a decoration inspired rustic, cozy and very natural. This type of housing usually quite large and bright, we can enhance with natural materials and earthy colors.

The solid wood and natural fibers such as linen and a chromatic range in earth tones ranging from brown to cream and beige bring elegance and warmth to these cottages. Some homes also charge special prominence where the elements of architecture, like beams. The grand finale comes by nature, such as plants and flowers.

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An apartment with sea views

If you enjoy unparalleled sea views, the style that best goes to your home is the look sailor. Opting for as refreshing colors like blue and white, prints navy as stripes, light curtains curtain type, tripod lamps, tables with seascapes and pickled wood furniture as if the sea had taken a toll on them.

But also not forget that these apartments are very bright, so the windows must be cleared. Arrange furniture so that natural light to flow freely throughout the stay. And as a final detail, choose decorative accessories to remind the world sailor, fog, ropes, lanterns, anchors, boats…

how to decorate
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A mountain cabin

If your house is nestled against the mountains, the perfect decorative style for you is rustic.

Solid wood in dark colors, nature – inspired designs, organic forms like furniture that reproduce the bark of trees, decorative autumn leaves, plant fibers, exterior connected with the interior, leafy plants that bring us the beauty of the mountain, casseroles copper and vintage air decorating a rustic kitchen, genuine parts and materials from the region, stone walls or brick, prints of paintings, a hall preceded by a fireplace …

You already know what style is best suited for your home? Translates the spirit of all these places to your home, only changing the decor of your home.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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