Ideas for painting a youth room

If you fancy a makeover for the youth room of your children, have you thought about changing the color of the walls? It is a very simple and effective way to give a fresh look to this room. And is that perhaps are in that stage of transition in which their tastes are transformed and color, you employ for your room you can express much. Today we will see some ideas for you to paint the room with special colors and some combinations that are sure going to love. Shall we try?

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The best colors

The truth is that there are no strict rules about this. In fact, as the saying goes: “to taste, colors.”So perhaps your own children you can guide the choice of color regarding their own desires, because if so far the room was beige or white, more childlike, now they are in a rebellious stage and want to use more vivid hues. However, yes we have to fix on the size and characteristics of the room to choose the best color possible.

Combination tone

We know that if the room is small we opt for bright and clear so that visually enlarge tones. However, the pastel colors are relegated for more childrens rooms and the best idea to paint the bedroom juvenile can choose to go through intense colors, although well combined, without fanfare. You can choose a color and play with color ranges, or two colors combined with restraint; livelier one another more neutral or even a white balance that can be a good choice.

painting room
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Neutral walls for living furniture

Another idea is precisely the opposite, i.e. leave the walls in neutral tones and soft to introduce the most intense and vivid through furniture, textiles and clothing color. The soft colors are serene and can also be a good alternative if you want to contribute to the rest and relaxation of people who sleep in these rooms.

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Gradient colors

If you smooth walls are a bit boring you can always go to a gradient, a sort of tie dye to the room of the youngest of the house. You can also choose to design a wall with vertical or horizontal stripes, by geometric designs or even stained the wall as if we had not known quite what to do with the brush …

painting room
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Chalkboard paint

Although I like where this painting is in the kitchen, also in youth bedroom can give a great result. Use it only on a wall, not too big, so your kids can write in it who wants to express messages or tasks that have to remember. Put it next to the desk, for example, to serve them as a tool to support the study.


What do you think the idea of designing graffiti for one of the walls of this room? It gives you a very special stay, perhaps with the “hooligan” point that surely now are living your children … look does not have to be somewhat aggressive or vulgar, sure to find who can decorate stay that way with a design very cool to paint one of the bedroom walls.

What you should try is to design a dynamic and cool bedroom , with rich tones but not as strident and without filling a thousand different shades, as it is a place in which to promote relaxation and colors too vibrant not we will be able to get.

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