The best plants to decorate your office

Plants to decorate

Working from home is an option that facilitates more companies. Conditioning a firm that promotes concentration is essential to be more productive and plants can become great allies to get it. In addition to filling the room with joy and nature, they purify the air and help us be more efficient in our work. If you want to know how, you cannot miss these proposals with the best plants to place in your office.

Spider plant

This plant does not need special maintenance and holds up well even without excessive light. Some studies claim that their presence improves air quality stays as it eliminates certain pollutants and decreases stress. Perfect to place in your workplace.


Plus it is very nice and decorative with a very characteristic mauve color, lavender harmonizes environments and moves feelings of peace and quiet, with a soft, soothing scent that will make us always find comfortable in the office, even if we have to do Extra hours

Plants to decorate
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Potus gold

It is a perfect durable plant for your home office. Why? According to research conducted by NASA, it is a species that cleans the air because its large leaves can eliminate up to 73% of contaminants that may be in the room. Holds up well in low light and green leaves promote concentration and help improve our mood.


For people with no time or excessive banter with plants, succulents are a great choice. A wonderful you can be in your office is the Sansevieria cylindrica very resistant and decorative. It also helps to keep the purified environment.

Aromatic plants

Mint and rosemary, for example, purify the atmosphere and aroma from the foodstuffs contributes to improve memory and to enjoy a great mood. Mint also helps improve communication and makes prosperity comes close to our desk.

Plants to decorate
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Decorative and fun, the cactus are great if you want to forget to care for plants and fully devote yourself to your tasks. Resist virtually any situation and do not require great attention. In addition, its wide variety lets you find one that you like to dress up your office.


Bamboo is the symbol of Zen culture. And although we want to be focused on our firm also want us to be working in a harmonious and peaceful space, right? It is part of the plants that best help maintain clean air according to NASA because, in this case, removes trichlorethylene and benzene. For Feng Shui is the plant that brings peace to the home.

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African violet

If you want to add a touch of color, to your office placed in it an African violet. It has bloom throughout the year and prefers environments with natural light, but not direct sunlight.

Plants to decorate
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Adam’s Rib

This plant is perfect to place in a corner of your office, in a large pot, as its lush green leaves are ideal for color fill these spaces of your office. It is easy to care for and need an environment with good natural light, something that cannot miss in your office … Usually grow quite so need to go to control the stems to keep them upright.

Peace lily

It is tough but delicate appearance. It has a very elegant white flowers that will help you design a very pleasant environment for your office also transmit very calm and manage to maintain air quality. They are easy to care for because they just need a little damp earth to enjoy their flowers all year.

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