Bright ideas for decorating a bedroom

Decorating a bedroom

If you do not know yet how you want your room, collects original ideas on how to decorate a bedroom. The furniture, walls and decorative details are your three allies in this household real challenge.

Decorating a bedroom is a challenge that not everyone can overcome fulfilling their initial expectations. In most cases, what is expected of a good room is to have an orderly space where it can be accommodated the essential pieces of furniture (bed, desk and closet, mainly) and at the same time it is a space with personality and this is where those little details that either because of their significance or originality give a touch of class to the room come into play.

Decorating a bedroom
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Designs to decorate a bedroom: Furniture

Every day there are more extroverted designers in the world of interior design. The high competition in the furniture sector causes the appearance of tables, beds, lamps and shelves completely original and innovative that by their shape, color or functionality can only be described as “oddities”. So, when decorating a bedroom, the furniture can be a good way to find our stamp of distinction. For example: beds dragon-shaped lamps made with brooms or musical batteries, coat racks made from tree branches, shelves multifunctional modular desks retro or vintage style, or even cabinets made only a couple of chairs on the wall. Originality, you see, is increasingly present in the furniture. You do not appeal to classic forever! Now decorate a bedroom can be much more fun.

Now, if you are a die – hard lovers of normality and you discard all these options that go beyond the original, then the dilemma will arise as follows: place a traditional bed or a trundle bed, or maybe a double or triple bunk? Does the bed will be integrated with the desktop? Most of these issues that arise when decorating a bedroom or any other room in the house is solved while taking into account the available space and the personal needs of each family.

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Offering living room: Walls

Another way to find originality and get a room dream is to play with the tones of the walls. The more you are willing to risk; more impactful will be the end result. For example: go for bright colors (orange, green, blue, violet …) combine different paints and create two – tone walls , or even place some cool vinyl. Depending on whether the room is for a child, a teenager or an adult, and also according to whether it will be a male or female room, we assess all these options when decorating a bedroom. If we do not want to emphasize the color of the walls, then the pastel shades are ideal for those who opt for the traditional.

Decorating a bedroom
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Original to decorate a bedroom Details: Decorative elements

This third point is the most important because they make those little details that we will never find repeated with equal accuracy in two different bedrooms. When decorating a bedroom, imagination is the decisive factor, I will try to give some possible thoughts: put puzzles framed, create murals of photos on the wall, hang stuffed animals on the roof, paint the switches and sockets in the room with your names, place customized covers your gates, hanging banners, place your original handles on drawers, hide radiators radiator covers…

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They are details that stand out for their originality and thus become an alternative to the typical pictures, the typical mirrors, the typical posters or any other way to decorate a more traditional bedroom that always will remain accessible to all. Again, it will depend solely on our personal taste.

There are many ideas that we can use when decorating a bedroom, you may have been previously thought by someone or they may be a properly our occurrence, which will give added value. Logically we cannot pretend to accommodate all these suggestions in the same room because even originality has its limits.

What is clear is that decorating a bedroom is not an easy task and although the classic, retro, and black and white are set fashion trends that also have their appeal, they are the boldest, most daring designs and original then they just offering life and personality to rooms in the home. Visit more tips.

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