13 great ideas for decorating the walls of your bathroom

Decorating the bathroom walls

Depending on the size of our bathroom and the effect you want to achieve we can play with the textures and colors of the walls to personalize it and make it more welcoming. Until a few years ago to the bathroom were not paying much attention and only there was a need to keep it neat.

However, after becoming a place for relaxation and privacy, many worried about it more harmonious and beautiful. In this sense began to appear a series of tricks and ideas to decorate all the space and highlight some of its areas.

Now, thanks to the ingenuity of many people, we find very interesting designs that allow us to make it more welcoming and original. We understand that many still have not managed to give a better environment, then we share 13 curious ways to give a special touch to your walls. Take note!

1. Artistic Funds

In the bathroom spaces that do not have any contact with moisture may choose to use an artistic and outstanding background. For them you can buy stickers or special adhesive paper for walls.

2. Choose a suitable paint

As some imagine, the color of the paint on the walls plays a very important role in the decoration of this space. For a formal, elegant and harmonious bathroom nothing better than neutral colors. In addition, if the place is small it is best to look for light shades.

3. Use mosaics

The mosaics are a trend of modern bathrooms because they allow accentuate a nice focal point. Ideally, choose one that matches and highlight the rest of the wall design and accessories.

Decorating the bathroom walls
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4. Decorative Crystals

For a more luxurious and contemporary design, commitment to a more sober decoration including bathroom glass partitions. With these is given a delicate and fine design of the place setting. Yes, leverages the brightest areas for best results.

5. Colorful tiles

If you prefer the most striking and unusual decorations, do not hesitate to try a building tile colors. With this you revolutionaries place and give him a more artistic touch.

6. Mural painted

The hand-painted murals are another way to carry art to this very popular place. Whether you hire who paint or do it yourself, you can plasmas innovative and creative graphics that combine with other elements. To do this it is necessary to be based on a wall of polished plaster, marble or other materials with similar characteristics.

7. Wall shelves

This idea is highly recommended for those who have a bathroom too small. By putting shelves on the wall you will have an ideal place to locate the site toiletries, towels and all those things that are required on this site.

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8. Use pictures

The pictures will always be one of the best ways to highlight the walls of any area of the home. Looking for a design that fits well into the room and, above all, that makes you feel comfortable to watch here.

9. Towels hangers

Another simple way to save space in the bathroom is placing hangers for towels. The advantage of these is that they allow keep ventilated and free of odor.

10. Mirrors

No matter how big or small the bathroom; mirrors are the ubiquitous accessory. There are various designs and shapes that allow us to give a more modern touch. You can choose from square, rectangular, oval, with or without frames.

11. Natural materials

For those who prefer more traditional approaches, there are stones and other materials that give a natural effect. If you balance with accessories and neutral color paint get a perfect and harmonious combination.

12. Iridescent Mosaic

The iridescent mosaic walls become your bathrooms in the stars of this place. It is a much more daring and artistic bet.

13. Textured Walls

Some alternative materials to tiles allow us to obtain walls with more dynamic and deep textures. These can be combined with a shade of paint clear to be what most highlighted.

However, they recommended for large bathrooms, because little can make you feel the narrowest site. As you can notice, the walls play a key role in what has to do with the decor.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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