Ideas for decorating small rustic bathrooms

small rustic bathrooms

The rustic decor prints a lot of personality to any room where you decide to bet on it. Today I want to focus on the bathrooms, especially in young, to give you some ideas that may help you decorate with style this very special place in your home. Wood will be one of the major players. But we will see everything in more detail below.

small rustic bathrooms
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As I said, the wood is virtually indispensable material in this decorative style. You can use it on furniture and walls and adding decorative objects such as boxes or barrels.

Old style accessories

The accessories play a key role in this decoration. They must have an aged, antique look. You can choose to place objects of brass or ceramic. Not missing, either, other more natural and plants.

The lamps

The foci put in the mirror or ceiling lights should have, also, that rustic air. How to get it? Through the use of materials such as brass or iron and bulbs that provide a very warm and welcoming light. Even it looks great single bulb hanging from the ceiling. Yes, watch out for if you can get wet or be exposed to too much moisture…

small rustic bathrooms
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Using mirrors

We know that the mirrors help to visually expand the space. They placed in this type of bathrooms get much open place. You can put them with wooden frame, it is sure hit…


Also important to give a rustic touch to the faucet so the forms and the materials used. In bronze it can be wonderful. Betting on a shower head these large, full of personality with only that you can give an amazing look to your bathroom.

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Furniture and shelves

Antique furniture air will be present in these rustic bathrooms. Pickling or smooth, they are essential to provide that particular style touch. To maximize space, place a few shelves of wrought iron and a wooden shelf also.

The hot legs

Although we are talking about small bathrooms, try not to miss, if you want to have a rustic all, the claw foot tubs or on the ground. Undoubtedly become one of the essential for this type of decoration. They are wonderful.

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

More ideas can inspire you

We will list other ideas that will serve as inspiration: the stone walls serve to give a natural look and very nice to your bathroom; you can combine this wall of stone and wooden roof; include brick or place a sink with pica also stone and wooden furniture. Squares are spectacular.

Gain space

To save space in this small nothing better to put a place sliding door. Wood that is, if it is solid even better, to achieve that rustic style you’re looking for. Here can find more tips.

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