3 Advantages of Heat Recovery in Your Home

Effective heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are essential for your home, but many property owners and landlords don’t give them the thought and attention they really should. Using outdated systems not only brings the potential for maintenance and reliability problems, it can also mean that the property is relying on systems that are inefficient and expensive. That’s why heat recovery systems are one home improvement that all property owners should consider, and here are just three of the advantages they can bring.

Reduced Energy Costs

We all know that energy costs are on the rise, and even if we shop around for more competitive suppliers, they can still be among the most expensive outgoings that we have. Utilising a domestic heat recovery system can make a big difference to the energy used in your home, as the warm air produced by your heating system is recovered and re-used, and this takes pressure off your boiler allowing it to work less and therefore more efficiently. The savings will vary from house to house of course, but it can make a noticeable difference when your quarterly gas bill arrives, and over time this can offset the cost of introducing a heat recovery system to your property.

Fresher Air for a Healthier Home

Do you often find yourself falling ill, or suffering from colds and an irritated throat? One of the causes of this could be the four walls you live within, especially if you have damp patches or mould visible on your interior surfaces. This can lead to sick house syndrome, but fresh air and effective ventilation can create a much more pleasant atmosphere where you can breathe easily again. Heat recovery systems from expert companies such as BPC Ventilation supply warm fresh air without the need to open windows or draw in air from outside, and this can also be good news for allergy sufferers as it won’t contain pollen or other natural pollutants.

A Greener Way to Keep Your House Warm

Installing a heat recovery solution in your home can not only save money from your bills, it can also help to save the planet for future generations by reducing your carbon footprint. Energy production is one of the major causes of greenhouse gases that are shown to contribute to manmade climate change, and the effects of this can increasingly be seen here in the United Kingdom and beyond. Much of the energy produced in a standard home is wasted energy, particularly if windows or doors are open that allow the heat to escape, but recovered heat is recycling energy that has already been produced.

An increasing number of properties, both domestic and commercial, are turning to heat recovery systems in an effort to adopt a greener method of heat generation, and it can also bring the bonus of lower energy bills. With clean, warm air available whenever it’s needed, the air within properties can feel fresher too, which is good news for sufferers from asthma, hay fever, and other conditions. With all these advantages, heat recovery systems are likely to become ever more popular, and they can cost much less to install and operate than you might think.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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