Five lawn mowing mistakes to avoid

If your lawn doesnt look as good as it should, take a look at your mowing technique. You can weed and feed throughout the year, but if youve got into these bad habits, you could be doing your grass more harm than good.

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Mowing too short

Everyone makes this mistake at some point. Either were in a hurry or were going on holiday and want the grass to stay looking neat, or it just looks better shorter so we grab the mower and drop the height control.

The rule of thumb is never to cut more than a third of the length of a blade of grass in any one go – any more and youll weaken the grass leaving it prey to disease and unable to develop a strong root system.

Mowing with a dirty mower

Weve all done it – put the mower away without cleaning the skirt and the blades. Properly maintaining your mower will help you to get the best out of it and prolong its lifespan, so give it a thorough clean at least twice during the season. Then stock up on Mountfield spares or others from a reliable online retailer like for best results.

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Mowing with a dull blade

Dull blades just dont cut it. They rip and tear your grass instead of cutting it neatly and can cause a lot of damage. Invest in Mountfield spares, for example, so you always have an extra sharp blade, and get your blades sharpened in spring and again in the winter.

Mowing when the grass is wet

Sometimes you have to mow first thing when the grass is still wet with dew. Or you can only do the job at the weekend and, guess what, the heavens opened as you got the mower out. Unfortunately, mowing wet grass is a recipe for disaster as you can tear the grass, cover your mower in clippings and leave clumps of wet grass that can smother the blades.

Watering your grass

Technically this doesnt have anything to do with mowing, but watering your grass can have long-term effects on its health. Its okay for your lawn to go brown in summer, and if you water all the time youll actually stop long and healthy roots from forming. So for that healthy lawn, let nature do its stuff!

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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