How to decorate the table for a Valentine’s dinner

A few days because of the celebration of Valentine decorative touches finalize details for this day so romantic.Today we want to give yousome ideas for dressing your tableif your idea is to enjoy a meal in perfect company (also applies to a meal, of course).And is that the best moments are celebrated around a good menu and the person you want, do not you think?Let’s see how that extra touch to this special moment with the decor of the place where will be held this gastronomic encounter.Sure, you get surprised a lot to the person who you invited … We discover how!

Style and personality

First of all it is that this table reflects your own personality and go in line, as far as possible, with the style of the rest of the house.It is not about filling it with hearts and candles senseless but to create aromantic, intimate atmosphereand where you go you find comfortable.Let us see if we can help you with some ideas.

Decorate the valentines dinner
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We have seen in previous articles “Romantic ideas for decorating with hearts“.They can also reach your table in very different ways: in the pattern of the tablecloth or napkins or leavingone as a gift on the plateof your partner.

Love messages

We have also seen theimportance of wordsto express the love you feel.Do it for dinner too! You caninclude a note under the covered, so when you go to start enjoying a surprise menu is.Alternatively, you can place a nice foil to chair this space to decorate the room as a whole.

Decorate the valentines dinner
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The tablecloth is a necessary and important to decorate your table Valentine element.Red is the color of lovepar excellence, so you can put it this color, smooth or another tone and decorated with red hearts, for example.Another option is to place it in a neutral color and bet on red and more alive for accessories such as napkins, even the cutlery or other ornaments hues.


Embellishments likeflowers, perfect forfilling with life and joy this celebration of love.You can put one in a crystal vase, a beautiful bouquet or scatter some petals on the table.Similarly, a wreath of red roses, for example, with candles inside, will become a wonderful centerpiece.

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Decorate the valentines dinner
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The candles

No Valentine’s dinner worth its salt that does not havecandlesfor mood andilluminate a very romantic waythis very beautiful moment.You can get your partner with this soft light and subdued by placing several candles on the table, and add some extra light point while you eat because it can be uncomfortable doing almost dark.For dessert do check again use only candles…

Silverware and glasses

Nor is it necessary to make a very elegant for this new romantic dinner dishes.Also, do not put plastic cutlery.With your regular household will be more than enough.Of course, I recommend you go fora nice glass to enjoy a good winein the evening; they are very decorative and are used to dress the table in a special way, as they help to create that beautiful atmosphere you want to share with your partner.Finally, nothing better than a nice sweet and very decorative dessert, what do you think a heart shaped cookie or a bunch of jelly beans?If you share a table with a sweet tooth, it will be a very good way to surprise her. For more tips visit

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