Decorated with flowers for valentine

To honor the love you cannot miss flowers. Valentine’s Day is usually a day when many branches and flowers of all kinds are given away, but today we will see how to introduce them in a nicely decorated to celebrate this day. You can put them to surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast or if you prepare an evening around a lovely and intimate dinner. Some of them, alone, symbolize love, by its color and its type. From all this we will talk then already requires less to February 14 and we want to have a lot of ideas to dress up your home as it deserves.

Decorate with flower
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The language of flowers

Roses are the flowers most strongly associated with love. If they are red symbolize deep love, pure if they are white, oranges are the passion and roses gratitude. For its part, the gardenias are associated with the secret love, so they are ideal for decorating your home if you invite someone you’re in a stage not yet consolidated the relationship and want to slowly show your feelings. The tulips are perfect for couples who have been together a long time and give importance to love and friendship professed.

Flowers on the table

Ideas began to place flowers on Valentine decoration. If you have prepared a meal or a special dinner, you can put several petals as table runner or center with a floral arrangement. Here you have many alternatives. Single Flower, a larger branch, in an original vase … If you combine it with a candle will have achieved a very seductive and intimate atmosphere for your evening. I really love also to decorate the breakfast. Nothing better than starting the day with love…

Decorate with flower
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Edible flowers

And you I have said before, but I love the food served to decorate. In this case, you can make a bouquet of chocolate or jellybeans to surprise your partner with dessert. In addition to decorate your table in a very fun way, you can enjoy a sweet gift in the form of flower.

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Crown of flowers

You can also put flowers in the decoration through a crown. It can be placed at the door for your partner in a special way or in the dining room wall where you go to enjoy your evening.

Decorate with flower
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Loose petals

The petals of a rose will help you decorate different corners of the house. You can place them scattered around the table or even on the bed.

Where to place flowers Valentine?

When placing flowers you choose to decorate this February 14 you have a lot of possibilities. From the most traditional like a normal vase to the most original and glass jars, metal cans, glass tumblers or even showers. You can also add a message of love or decorate them with string or ribbon. Click here more tips.

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