Ideas to incorporate your hobbies to your home decor

All greater or lesser extent, have a hobby. It may be reading, photography, sports or crochet. Anything you’re passionate about. That which you most like to spend your free time, little you have. Today we want to give you some ideas to introduce these hobbies in the decoration of your home. One way to carry books, skis or a camera to any corner of housing, and do it in a different, original and very decorative way. You want to discover how to dress your home making your hobbies acquire all the attention?

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The books

If your passion is reading you can decorate your home with books, and do it in a way that goes beyond placing them on a shelf. You can make a beautiful lamp with them, a headboard for the bed, put them stacked under a vase in a special place or you can even cover the steps that separate the floors of your home (if you have multiple heights) with the titles of your favorite novels (painted or vinyl).


Perhaps you most like to do is see movies. If the film is most of your hobbies you can introduce small touches of cinema in your home decor. You can hang sheets of old movies, place a retro popcorn in the living room, a vinyl on your favorite superhero or simply may suffice lamps that are like lights we could find on a set.

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The photograph

Are you passionate about capturing moments? Then surely at home photographs are present in every corner. But if you want to add an extra touch to the decor you can place any camera vintage on a dresser or even get your hands on a camera – shaped cushions.

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The sport

For sports enthusiasts there are many ways of being noticed in the decoration. If what you like is the bike you have several alternatives, opt for a style from vintage to decorate a corner of the room, for example, to hang on the wall a standard fixie. And if your favorite sport is skiing, you can make a handy coat rack with skis, or place them on the headboard of the bed. We also will be very decorative the surfboards.

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Collectors have a reef to decorate. If you are someone they love Playmobil sure some 7.5 centimeters doll appears in many corners of your home. The same if you are a fan of LEGO, for example. They are collections that, in addition to have a good time, serve to decorate our house with large or small buildings.


The crochet is fashionable. Although it is something we’ve seen life right now he is able to fill any space in our home in a very decorative way. There are people who knitting relaxes them a lot, if it’s your case , and is one of your favorite hobbies, you’re in luck. Look how beautiful it is when you use it to decorate! You can use it in the bedroom to make a nice quilt, for covering cushions, baskets for storage …

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