Six Reasons to Invest in Laminate Flooring

If youre redecorating your home or preparing it to sell, investing in new flooring is a smart move. Here are six reasons why you should consider laminate for your new floors.


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It’s a Cost-effective Upgrade

If youre refurbishing to sell or youre on a tight budget, laminate is the obvious solution. Its cheaper than engineered wood or hardwood but gives the same beautiful effect throughout your home, making it a very smart investment.

It’s Quick to Install and Uninstall

Laminate is easy to handle and goes down with ease, thanks to the way the planks clip together. Theres no messy clean-up and a competent DIYer can fit laminate in an average sized room in under a day for a quick and easy installation. If you buy laminate that unclips you can try a range of different layouts – diagonal is a current design trend.

It Looks Good

Laminate technology has come a long way and laminate now comes in tiles as well as planks, with finishes that are almost indistinguishable from stone, tile and wood. The web is a great place for quality laminates, with numerous companies like stocking a wide range of styles and finishes.

Its Durable

Unlike hardwood, laminate wont warp if it gets water damaged and it wont fade in direct sunlight. It wont suffer from wear and tear like carpet and stains and spills simply wipe away. If you do manage to damage your laminate – and it takes some doing as it wont buckle or snap – then you can easily repair the damaged plank.

You Can Use It Anywhere

Because laminates are highly moisture resistant, you can use them anywhere youd love a hardwood floor but cant lay one due to humidity. Laminate can cope with anything a kitchen or bathroom can throw at it without warping and buckling and will still look great. If you use a damp-proof membrane you can even install laminate in a basement – itll cope with changes in humidity far better than a hardwood floor.

It’s Low Maintenance

Just wipe over with a damp cloth or a floor wipe and your laminate will look like new time after time. Laminate floors are extremely easy to maintain and whatever cleaning method you use, you wont compromise your floor. For modern, affordable beauty, laminate is the smart choice.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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