DIY: Personalize your pots with the sleeve of a jersey


I cannot imagine a house without flowers or plants. Provide joy to the home, are very decorative and bring that natural touch to the rooms where the favorite, as they are good anywhere, from the lobby to the kitchen or even in the bathroom.

In addition to the plants themselves, with the shapes and colors of their flowers or green leaves, you can also add an extra decoration through the pots where you plant. You can choose simple, smooth or terracotta pots, so that the plant acquires all the protagonism, or you can play with the containers to make them much more decorative. And how about personalizing them? It is what we will do today with this tutorial with which you can decorate your pots in a very original way. Keep reading and you will find out how to get it.

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The materials

This DIY to customize your pots I’ve seen on the blog and to do this you will need the following materials:

– An elastic band

– a safety pin.

– The sleeve of a sweater.

– The pot that you are going to cover.

– Painting for canvas.

– A template with a geometric pattern.

– A cutter.

How to customize your pot with a jersey sleeve

First, short sleeve jersey you’ll use to customize your pot. You can do it with the sleeve already placed in the pot to determine precisely the length of the cut.

Then close one side of the sleeve (the one that will be under the pot) with the help of the rubber band and put the safety pin. Now you must calculate the exact size of the liner so that it is perfectly adjusted to suit the pot.

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The template with the print

In this case, a Japanese leaf pattern has been used and has been plotted on a sheet of adhesive paper, using a sheet in which both parts are adhered but can be easily removed thereafter. Cut with the cutter the silhouette of the workforce, as they do here, leaving holes in the leaves.

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Transferring the template to the jersey sleeve

Once you have your template ready, place it around the pot and paint the sleeve of the white jersey, for example. When you withdraw your template, you will see the final result: a custom pot with geometric print in white and blue colors. Remember that you can use the jersey color that you prefer and the template that you like, the idea that give us this blog seems very beautiful, so you can start here and then blow your imagination and design your own Planter

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Other ideas for customizing flower pots

There are many ways to customize your flower pots. We saw one that you could do with nail polish, and to finish our crafts today I’ll tell you another very simple.

This is to give it a touch of color to your pot smooth plastic, that that is not decorative but is very practical, so you can combine it with the rest of the decor of your home. You will only have to give it a hand of black paint, for example, paint the edge of another color that contrast and draw small points on it in white color. Why is it simple? And look how beautiful it is. Of course, you can use the colors that you like making the combinations that you like and the drawings you prefer. It is about personalizing it to the maximum, so you decide how. This idea is The Crafted Life.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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