DIY: Garden stones painted with chalk paint


With the arrival of good weather the desire to start enjoying the terraces and gardens are increasing. It’s time to put our exterior to pass them good times this spring and summer comes when spaces. The DIY I bring you today will help design some beautiful stones for your garden or terrace, fully customized, which you will paint with chalk paint. Then I tell the creation process, you’ll see how simple it is to give a different area outside your home touch.

Stones and paint

This DIY I’ve seen on the blog Design Improvised and I found very appropriate for this time, so you can go decorate your garden or terrace in a very special way. To do this, you will need:

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– A river stones, able to be large and flat.

– Some patterns to make the drawing you want on your stone. In this tutorial they have used Martha Stewart brand, but I invite you to do that yourself with a little patience and imagination.

– Painting chalk paint. And they sell it as such or you can make homemade, as we are in the section do it yourself, I’ll teach you how you can do it.

– If you will do home, you will need paint and plaster (Gesso Axton Pure White Great hardness Leroy Merlin, for example).

– A paintbrush.

– Masking tape.

How to paint chalk paint home

The first thing you’ll explain going to be how to paint chalk paint home. As I say, you can find iton the market if you want to hook you up a lot, but I encourage you to try to do it yourself. It is very simple. The recipe is as follows: a cup of paint + a tablespoon of gypsum + a quarter cup of hot water.

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Take a tupperware old to make the mixture. Remove paint first single (you can choose the color you want, which is acrylic and matt) and add the plaster. Then incorporates the water, slowly, when you see the paint and plaster are well melted and no lumps in the mixture. If you have a stirbar, those that are placed in the drill, you will make the job much easier. For this craft you will make painting of two different colors.

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Prepare stones

To prepare the stones, wash them well and let dry completely. Painted with a coat of paint the entire surface of the rock, you can paint one side first, let dry, flip it over and paint the other.

Decoration stones

You will find the smoother surface of the rock to place on it the template. Hold it with masking tape. Apply the paint of another color with the brush or brush so the design is on the stone. Do not take too much and applies with movements up and down, to prevent paint from seeping under the stencil.

End termination

Remove the template and let dry. Once dry can be applied a layer of varnish protective cloth or wax to protect the paint and acquiring a very nice shine.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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