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Surely, you like to get your views at home and do it in that special corner where do you feel very comfortable to share laughter and conversation. So today, I teach a craft with which you can design a beautiful wooden side table. It is small and very practical at the same time but, above all, is very decorative. Perfect for hot coffee with your visits. I teach you how to build below.

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The materials you need

Thus, the materials you need to make your coffee table are:

  • A slice of wood or a thick cutting board. You’ll find, for example, Etsy.
  • Metal legs (there is also on Etsy).
  • Screws
  • Electric screwdriver (it is more comfortable, but you can use an ordinary).

How to build your wooden table

First, place the metal on the back of slice of wood pulp, checking that are at the same distance from each other and no sticks. Place the screws and secure them well with the screwdriver. Do not you think something simpler and more effective? The result, a beautiful perfect for coffee or to place some books side table, lamp … Photos of this DIY are Bryant Lee for the blog A pair and a spare.

A different style for your side table

Now I teach other DIY to make another auxiliary table but in a style totally different. It is a kind of imitation make low cost of table design inimical West Elm. The blog tutorial is the Brit + Coand is also very fcill to do. And cheaper than the original!

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What materials you need?

Since this blog, propose to do this table using the following materials:

  • A pot IKEA Hasselnt or one that is similar. Now on the web it does not appear so you have to use a different one.
  • A Blanda bowl IKEA (also to be similar).
  • A wooden disc having the diameter of the bowl.
  • Glue that is strong and stand well weight.
  • Spray paint color from copper or color you like. You can also look great in silver tone.
Image Source: Google Image

DIY, Step by Step

The first thing you have to do is paint the wooden disc, the bowl and pot with spray paint. Do each piece separately and allowed to dry following the manufacturers instructions. When dry, place the pot upside down and hits the base the base of the bowl, and ends by placing the timber on the bowl to do some kind of cover. To fit perfectly so you can cut to size. You can leave it out, say, that stands the diameter of the bowl, or inside, embedded inside. On the left, the table made for you, right, the original.

On the other hand, you have to consider what kind of decorative going to put on this table, because if you’re going to be things that weigh much stability it will not be much, so you may have to introduce some kind of fill in the bowl to make it safer. You can put cement or gravel, which makes the table despite falling more and does not end when you put something on.

Copper color

The color copper is trend in decoration is very elegant and can create very special environments. It looks good wood if you want to give it a rustic feel to the room, for example, and if you use it for this craft will get a very similar to the original table.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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