How to Paint an Exterior Wall

Despite being the first thing we and all our guests when we get to our homes, we tend to put it aside when it comes to keeping our home aesthetically attractive and fashionable. We are not referring to the receiver, which is increasingly important in homes, but the walls outside, playing an important role as our guests a first impression of our home depending on what you see first, will be is meaning the facade.

For this reason, in the same way you paint the interior walls from time to time, we recommend that you also renew the outside occasionally, and give to the street or a terrace, a patio or garden. In fact, we should pay more attention to these walls to the interior, as they are constantly exposed to the sun and suffer inclement weather. Already we have convinced you of the importance of painting the walls outside? Well, now we will explain how! Can you come with us?

Paint an exterior wall
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Repair imperfections

Before you get to work with paint it is essential to prepare the walls, considering that to paint is essential that they are clean, dry and free of imperfections. So, the first thing you should do is inspect the wall well, and if there are some points that are in poor condition, you should repair them. For example, if there are wetlands, you must find the source of the problem and repair it. In addition, it is essential that the wall is completely dry before painting. If you efflorescence (white spots), you should remove them with a brush of metal spikes, which also will serve to end the moss or mildew. Of course, in this case you should apply a fungicide product.

On the other hand, if the walls are brick you should review boards and, if appropriate, repair with a mortar, allowing them to dry about 10 days. On the contrary, if it is drywall you will have to remove the loose pieces, repaired with aguaplast and reapplying plaster. Also, if there must scraped off cracks and fill them with aguaplast, always applying a universal binder first.

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Once you have repaired the imperfections you must thoroughly clean the walls, removing all dirt and debris dust. If you do not, the paint will not be properly attached. You can do this step with a damp brush. However, before applying the paint you need to make sure the wall is completely dry.

Paint an exterior wall
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Prepare the necessary material

When the walls are completely dry, you should prepare all the material you need, i.e. a brush, a roller and an extension pole. Furthermore, depending on the height, it could tell you the ladder or scaffold useful. As for painting, it must be designed for outdoor use, for example, plastic, which resists the sun and inclement weather. Some exterior paints carry fixer included, but if you do take should be purchased separately. Of course, it is important to paint when weather conditions are favorable, that is, nor should it rain nor should it be windy. Furthermore, it is important to start work on the facing away from the sunrise sense surface.

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