Ideas to make and decorate small balconies

We are in full time to enjoy our terraces, gardens and balconies before it reaches the sweltering heat. The change of season enables us out to the outside of our homes to take advantage of the good weather in these places and today we will see some tricks to get the most out of a small balcony, because sometimes you do not have a large space for being outdoors but, however, this does not mean we cannot do it comfortably and giving a very decorative touch to this area. You’d count how!

Decorate small balconies
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Folding and light furniture

If you like to change the decor or distribution of your balcony you can choose folding and light furniture you can put on and take to your liking. When not in use and do not stack can occupy almost place. Another option is to install a small table against the wall or railing to leave the maximum free space.


Textiles provide every space cozy and comfortable feeling. Moreover, they filled with color and joy corners, if you opt for living tissues or printed, and they’ll look great on your little balcony. In addition, you can go changed according to the season in which we find ourselves. You can put cushions on chairs, furniture or even to sit on the floor, for example.

Decorate small balconies
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Plants and flowers

Not to have little room you have to give to place plants and flowers that give life and joy to your balcony. You can put hanging baskets from the ceiling, pots hooked onto the railing or take advantage of vertical space to install some shelves.

Take corners and corners

In a small balcony every corner or corner can be exploited; for that you can put corner shelves or furniture corner with which to make the most space.

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The walls

Sometimes it seems that we try to fill the ground of things and is not necessary, since the walls offer a very interesting and usable vertical space. Install some hooks to hang around folding furniture when not in use, for example, or to make any utensil soles use on the balcony; order and functionality together.

Decorate small balconies
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The decoration

And not to have a small balcony we forget the decor. The small space is not a problem! One idea that I love are the garlands LED bulbs special for outdoor use. The can put on the wall or railing. Give a very nice touch to your balcony; look at these examples to see if you like how they look.

Storage Bench

If you have room for a cabinet a very practical alternative is to place a bank that will serve as storage space and also to sit and enjoy moments outdoors. Cushions placed on top to make it very comfortable and you have your ready to use multifunctional furniture. You can put one on each side of the balcony, for example, or larger on the longest part of the self.

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